SEO the Web Viking Way

The Web Viking has been conquering web pages for a millennia. As business owners, there are some things we just don’t enjoy doing. One of those things is taxes. We don’t care exactly how they are done; we just want to know they are being done correctly and that we are saving the most money possible.

Here at Web Viking we follow this philosophy. We put your website in front of potential customers and then provide you with the tools to convert those leads into clients.  We understand that most business owners know the importance of ranking on Google and other search engines, but simply don’t have the time to learn everything needed to really dominate.


So here is what we offer – the whole thing. We don’t offer different pieces of the online jigsaw puzzle and we don’t want you to have to deal with 5 different guys that do 5 different things for your online marketing. We want you to have one guy that takes care of EVERYTHING. From SEO to Social Media to Web Design;  the Web Viking has you covered.


We may be Vikings of the Internet, but we can also be found on the golf course, in the back yard with our kids, or relaxing by the lake. Go ahead and Contact Us if you want to stop by and hangout or if you have any questions about what we can do for you.

Let’s make everything easier.

Web Viking