The Web Viking has conquered much in his day. One thing he has come to understand is that each business is different from others in their own unique way, even if they share the same niche or location. Your businesses SEO campaign will be truly customized. There is no “One Size Fits All” answer to Search Engine Optimization.


Our main focus is teaching you and helping you understand what exactly you are paying for; what it will do; and why it does what it does. Live monthly reporting is crucial for measuring ROI and planning future marketing campaigns. We understand this and have made it a main focus of each service and package we provide.


It’s 2012. The most important thing your business needs to understand is the value of your online identity and how to utilize and protect it. Our SEO services are proven to rank your web-page, but stopping there is what hurts most online and offline businesses. Creating an online identity that truly represents the value and direction of your company is crucial for new and old customer alike. The Web Viking won’t stop until he has totally dominated the web for your business.